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Translation service guide (Please be sure to read it)

We recommend products and reservation information on overseas SNS.
If you have any questions, you can contact us through overseas SNS.

Recommended international forwarding company

Shopping Guide

Use Worldshopping service (Ppopular product page, only support this shopping option)

  1. When your device is an overseas IP, the Worldshopping shopping cart will appear under the device.
  2. Click the Add to Shopping Cart button, the screen will display the product information you will buy.
  3. Please confirm the quantity,and if you want to inform us something, please enter it in the remarks column. After confirmtion is completed, please click to add to the shopping cart again.
  4. If you want to continue shopping, please click the white button to continue shopping. If you have selected, please click to go to the shopping cart.
  5. After entering the shopping cart page, the purchased goods and required fees will be presented. (Note: This fee does not include international shipping, please click Worldshopping website for details)
  6. After confirming the price, click the Next button . Will jump to the page of Worldshopping company. (Please enter the payment method and delivery information on this page to complete the purchase. You can click https://www.worldshopping.global/ for more details)

Steps to purchuse directly from the website (you need to fill in the Japanese address and telphone(smart phone)number provided by the international forwarding company)

  1. Please check the product you want to buy on the website and click on the product link
  2. Click Add to cart. If you still have items you want to buy, please click the button of continue to buy. (If it is a reservation product, please click the reservation button. The reservation product can be purchased together with the normal product)
  3. If the selection is complete, please click to enter the purchase procedure and enter the login page.
  4. If you have a member account, you can choose to log in directly. You can also apply for a new account. If you don't have a member account, you also can puchase directly through the tourist purchase button. (If you have a member account, the screen will go directly to step 6 after logging in)
  5. In the new page, follow the prompts to enter your name, katakana of your name, Japanese address (provided by the forwarding company), contact information (provided by the forwarding company, and email address. After inputting, click Next
  6. Enter the payment interface and select the payment method. Confirm the purchase information, after confirming that it is correct. Please click the button to purchase this contents.
  7. The purchase complete page shows up and the purchase is over.

Overseas Delivery

Our company does not have directly overseas shipping services. Overseas users can through our company recommend international forwarding companies or worldshopping service.

Use worldshopping service

Please use the worldshopping cart on the page and the shopping guide of the worldshopping service in this page )
For more details, please click https://www.worldshopping.global/

Use the international forwarding companies

Our company currently only supports domestic delivery in Japan. If you need to ship overseas, you can use the international forwarding companies.
We recommend to use the international forwarding companies designated by our company (if there are after-sales or other problems ,we can have a inquiry soomthly )
After became the member of the international forwarding company , you will get the Japanese address and contact number. After entering the address and contact number on our company shopping page,
our company can ship the purchased items to the designated address in Japan. And then it will be shipped overseas by the international forwarding company

Recommended international forwarding company

Jpgoodbuy (Mingdong Co., Ltd.) Leyifan.com


About the membership lgoin

If you have our sofmap EC member account, please log in directly.You also can register a new membership if you have the Japanese address and phone number . In addition, you also can directly make a tourist purchase without account information.

About payment

Currently our website only supports credit cards (some overseas credit cards are not supported). For other payment methods, please select worldshopping. Some areas support cash on delivery for Japanese addresses

About shipping time

When the item is in stock, it can generally be shipped to a Japanese address in about two to five working days (depending on the region, the time may change) After the product is delivered to the Japanese address, an email will be sent to your registered mailbox. After receiving the delivery mail, you can contact the forwarder company for overseas mailing)

About domestic postage in Japan

product category Postage Free shipping for purchase exceeding the prescribed amount
Normal goods 330yen 〜 550yen Above 3,300yen
BD/DVD・Music CD 330yen〜 550yen Above 4,400yen
Merchandise 330yen Above 6,600yen
Free shipping Used goods/adult software Other products designated by our company 330yen 〜 5,500yen Not applicable

SKU code

The SKU code is the code of the product, which exists in the URL of the product web page.

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Location of Akiba Sofmap.com

If there are other unclear points, please contact us directly
You can get in touch with the company directly through the company's overseas SNS.